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DNA Health Works test kit

Genetics and Health

Too many doctors, no solutions...

DNA is the genetic code that governs the functioning of our cells and essentially determines every biological aspect of who we are. You can think of it as a kind of blueprint that controls the way your body works and is passed down through the generations in the form of sequences of code called genes. All humans share over 99.5% of our DNA with one another, but it is the genes making up the 5% difference that account for all of the diversity we see between individuals. These gene differences are called ‘variants’.  

DNA Health Works testing kit involves providing a saliva sample of your DNA , which is then sent to a lab for analysis. You fill out a symptom survey of 200 questions which are tied to your genetic variant results. This cross analysis will shed light on the areas in your body which are not performing their much needed functions. Through a carefully designed supplementation of missing enzymes and cofactors we are able to start the healing process. Using alternative medicine with the aid of our exclusive DNA Test we can glimpse into your genetics and health.


Do you notice foggy brain?
Short term memory loss?
Pain that never resolves?
Stomach issues?
Inflamation issues?